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Tower Of Terror

With the 15th year of Disneyland Paris happened new attractions. Amongst they, the famous Tower of Terror.
We were lucky to try this freefall ride before the opening. It helped us to translate the atmosphere and sensations into the official website.

For a while, the website presented games and creative contests.


I Kill A Friend

For the crime entertainment channel 13ème Rue Universal, I Kill A Friend offers to investigate your own murder.

Need to make a friend disappear? Choose one of the five killers. Send them a picture of your friend and watch him be killed! Your friend will receive an invitation to watch his own death. By investigating through different stages, he will be able to pinpoint you behind the murder.

CANAL+ - 2011


Corruption, lust, murder... dive into the universe of the Canal+ series 'Borgia' and discover the vices of the Borgia family.

Official website of the series (first season)
and 360° experience on iOS.


Giant Steps

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the park, the new show 'Disney Dreams' is coming. Tell Goofy your address and watch him pick you up to see the show at Disneyland Paris.
Dynamic video using Google Maps and StreetView images and data.


They're Landing!

In 2010, the Pixar's characters landed to Disneyland Paris... and went through your Facebook page!
Choose between the characters of the Incredibles, Toy Story or Monsters Inc. and watch them mess your own wall.

Dynamic video using Facebook data via FacebookConnect.

PEUGEOT - 2011

208 Greetings

This website was included in the new Peugeot 208 launching campaign "Let's your body Drive".
It generated a personal dance and lightpainting videoclip from your greetings wishes.


I Kill A Friend 2

The sequel of the successful website I Kill A Friend. Choose a gang to kidnap a friend or yourself. After viewing the kidnapping, the victim has 3 minutes to find where she is locked away and go out alive.

This website create viral videos with realtime face mapping. There is an investigation system with random story based on each gang.

Silvère Maréchal

Interactive Motion Designer

Hi! I'm Silvère, a guy specialized in front-end development and motion design. My passion is about bridging these both fields for giving life to concepts efficiently through interactive experiences.
You’ll find here main things you should know about my professional path and my skills.

As well you can check out my blog where I share tips and experiments or my profile on Linkedin.
Feel free to contact me if interested in any collaboration!

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Skills field

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9years in craftingdigital projects

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9years in craftingdigital projects

I'm ready to work with you right now!


I leave BETC Digital and
become back Freelancer...

I leave BETC Digital and become back Freelancer. I design and code TurboDrive, dive into HTML 5 and JS.


One of my main clients want
me to join them in Paris...

One of my main clients want me to join them in Paris. I become lead ActionScript developer and Flash/Motion Designer at BETC EuroRSCG.


I start working as a freelancer...

I start working as a freelancer specializing in Flash-Technology web design in Toulouse (France). My clients are both local and national.


The release of my first full-Flash website.


I discover the Internet and web design.

I discover the Internet and web design at the same time. Soon after, I create my first DHTML websites with rollovers in JavaScript and animated GIFs.


My first experiments in motion design.

My first experiments in motion design. I am working frame by frame with Corel Photopaint, which is fun but pretty useless. I lost these works, but I still remember them fondly.
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Skills Field

Editing / 3D Modeling

Editing and 3D Modeling are both fields crossing motion design and in some cases web development. Though they are less my speciality, I frequently work on or contribute to these as a part of the whole project production I manage.

It also give me a good ability in collaborating with experts such as video editors and 3D artists.

Skills Field

Research and development

As problem solver, I’m quite proactive in testing experimental techniques and further fields. It includes : face and object detection, Arduino, video mapping, realtime compositing...
When needed, I create project prototypes and hand-made tools to enhance workflow.

Check out my blog to read some technical tips and see experiments.

Skills Field


With the goal of synchronizing and/or preparing videos for interactivity I’m pretty comfortable with these compositing techniques: keying, rotoscoping and 2D/3D match moving.

As well, I have a good knowledge of video format and ways to export for the web (desktop and mobile), integrate videos, track data and drive them by programming.

Skills Field

Front end development

development knowledge summary
Programming languages HTML5: Javascript, CSS3; Actionscript 3
Frameworks and library JQuery, Bootstrap, PureMVC, Away3D
Techniques AMD, Routing, font icons, SVG
API Google Maps, Streetview, Facebook, Youtube...
Production Tools Git, Grunt, Webkit dev-tools (incl. remote)

My web-developer side is focused on contributing to the user experience by building what the user see and manipulate: layout life and adaptation, interactions, programmatic motion.

I’m not married to any tool or technology. I offer the most appropriate solution for each project with regards to the targeted device(s), users, and available time and costs.

Skills Field

Motion Design

Since my childhood, I'm fascinated by all kind of animated stuff. I’ve been inspired as much by broadcast design, 3D simulations, SF aesthetics, video games UIs, as the first animated GIF and Flash animations on the internet… Motion design brings definitely a new level to the user experience.

It’s why I'm deeply interested on all motion graphic techniques. I can offer to animate interactive experiences and UI by programmed, timeline based, both mixed and/or synchronized 2D and 3D motion graphics, pre-rendered or in realtime.